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In Focus Martin Sheen Airs About Sports Technology

In Focus Martin Sheen Airs About Sports Technology

Technology has indeed evolved far beyond what our ancestors could have dreamed of. Lives have changed and all aspects of our our lives have been influenced by technology. Through advanced technology, life became more convenient and efficient. We get things done faster and easier. This same technology made our play time more pleasurable.

One example is the golf industry. Golf clubs are now manufactured with lighter materials that create greater impact, accuracy, speed and distance. Golf balls now have features that you couldn’t even imagine it has. Electronic devices are now available for easy access of information and data. All these are influenced by technology.

Golf shafts also have evolved. Shafts are no longer rigid types but flexes as the golfer swings. The flex was developed to allow older golfers to achieve more powerful and better shots. Golf clubs are customized nowadays to suit each player’s requirements. Every player is known to have his own swing characteristics producing different ball tendencies and flight trajectories.

By customizing the golf clubs through manipulating the weight of the club head, the foreseen tendency of the ball’s direction can be corrected. Therefore, it makes the inconsistencies and shot impairments evened out to provide the players with the best possible golf shots.

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