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Different Flex, Different Shafts?

Different Flex, Different Shafts?


There are no particular rules as to when golf shafts need to be changed or if the same flex can be used with different shafts. It may sometimes be applicable, there may be times it may not.

The reason is, the golf industry do not have standard specifications which companies must follow in manufacturing flexes. The level of stiffness and code of one shaft is usually different from another shaft. One company’s specification does not necessarily reflect that of another company. This, however, gives every company the freedom to express and work on what they think how the best shaft should be designed.

What a golfer usually does is conduct a trial and error process to find out which type of flex best fits him. But, buying one shaft after another if he hasn’t found the right piece can eventually be costly. An alternative solution to such dilemma is to entrust the shaft fitting needs to a professional custom club maker using Tom Wishon Golf Technology’s proprietary shaft bending profile software.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology created software with measurement methodology that quantifies stiffness and allows comparing one shaft’s stiffness design with thousands of other different shafts available and listed in the database.
Therefore, to get a shaft fitted to your club as accurately as possible, go visit a good and professional custom club fitter using this software. You can be confident that they will do a better job of giving you a club that best suits your swing.

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