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A Very Fitting Story at Mid Season

A Very Fitting Story at Mid Season

Kevin Tarsa, an editorial intern at Golf Digest, picked a golf club in 2009 by comparing the different ball flights produced by the clubs. He tried out a number of branded clubs at an outdoor range and chose the one he felt was the best.

Kevin was satisfied with his clubs, but he recently became interested in club fitting and the benefits it would offer his game. The spark of inspiration came from the many positive reviews he had seen about the process. He finally decided to try it out for himself. He put his familiar and well-used clubs to the test, wanting to find out if they were really the best clubs for him. He soon found out some surprising facts.

Through the use of a launch monitor, he learned that the ball was spinning too much. Woody Lashen, his club fitter, also noticed that the club shaft was not stiff enough.

After an hour, the perfect club fit for him was identified: a Titleist 910D3 head with an Oban Kiyoshi shaft. With the new club, ball spin was controlled but ball speed was faster.

Much to Kevin’s surprise, when he tested his new club on his favorite golf course, his game was totally transformed. The ball traveled smoothly and easily, even around hazards he used to fail in reaching. His usual problem of a left miss was also gone.

Kevin’s decision to visit Pete’s Golf for a club fitting led to an eye-opening experience. He promised himself that he would never buy golf clubs off the shelf again. He wished he had taken advantage of the technology and had the complete metal woods club fitting done years ago. A more confident Kevin Tarsa is now on the course, carrying his custom-fit clubs.

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