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100 Million Pound-Golf Course Opened by ‘The Donald’

100 Million Pound-Golf Course Opened by ‘The Donald’


Despite all controversies, Donald Trump recently drove the inaugural shot to mark the opening of his Aberdeen Golf Course costing to as much as 100 million pounds.

Several contentions from the outraging neighbors and other environmental issues bogged the opening of the course. Issues like, Trump’s orders to demolish lands and other areas with protected sandbanks as well as the way he treats the neighboring residents. Amidst all these, Trump is all set to pursue the course and will not let anything hinder his public relations drive.

“We’re having a great time, the course is playing great,” said the property magnate who also denied that there were protesters. Trump, who flew into Aberdeen through a private jet, teed off with the former Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie despite the latter receiving pressures from the Scottish Wildlife Trust to boycott what is considered the most damaging course.

Both Trump and Montgomerie were moved with the quality of the golf course built from a huge land overlooking the North Sea, some parts of which had been designated as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). Trump, however, claimed that the land had been stabilized and will be the “greatest golf course in the world”.

The Golf Environment Organization complained that the course has a “considerable negative impact on what was one of the UK’s most valuable mobile sand dune systems”. David Milne, a course neighbor who led campaigns against the project said that the course should be named as a site of extreme environmental destruction, or SEED for short.
All these didn’t stop Trump who even said, “The environmentalists love what I have done.”

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