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Visiting US Open

Visiting US Open

Planning to watch your favorite golfer swing his winning shot at the U.S. Open, in person? If so, here are some tips to prepare yourself.

You have to make sure that you don’t have any prohibited items with you when you go in. This includes cell phones, sound-producing gadgets, and cameras of all sorts. Whether you use top-of-the-line smart phones and PDAs, or even the low-end, obsolete phones, they are all prohibited.

Big bags are also a no-no! Bring something not much bigger than a woman’s purse to avoid hassles. Food, beverages, and containers are not allowed at the venue. Weapons are definitely out.

Without all the distracting technology, you will have to use only your eyes and ears to notice things happening on the course. Whether you come by yourself, with a buddy, or in a group, get used to the idea of being disconnected from the World Wide Web for a while. This is somewhat difficult for those who have lived a large portion of their lives being dependent on hand-held devices.

You will have to bring a wristwatch if you normally use your mobile device for time checks. Meeting places must be pre-arranged before you go your separate ways because you will not be able to call each other while on the golf course. You must also have a good sense of direction to find the meeting place. Remember that you cannot call each other if you get lost.

Getting excited means expressing yourself through a polite golf clap, since you cannot express it by Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

All of this may sound daunting but keep in mind that watching a golf game in person is really an awesome experience. You might even find yourself making reservations for the next major event.

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