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Titleist Balls 2012

Titleist Balls 2012

Titleist has been making quality golf balls for many years. The company has recently launched upgraded versions of their NXT and DT Solo Series, while their new line, Velocity, enters the market.

Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President of Titleist Golf Ball Research and Development, describes the company’s older ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls this way: “It’s not just a tour ball. It’s a ball that can help everybody play their best.”

So what innovations can you ask for if the existing model is apparently all you need?

“Our research shows the importance of preferences when it comes to ball selection. Feel is a hugely important area – often in the long game as well as the short game.… And, of course, price,” Morgan expounds.

Titleist’s new NXT Tour is a dual-core ball designed with an outer high-energy portion for speed and a soft inner center to keep the spin rate down, which draws the ball 3 to 5 yards farther. It is also less expensive than the ProV1, at £34 per dozen.

Morgan describes the DT Solo’s new version as having the lowest compression of the Titleist family. It is also the softest DT ball, and probably the softest Titleist ball ever. It costs around £21 per dozen.

The all-new Velocity travels admirably, without the firmer feel associated with its pure distance rivals. It also has the fastest core, cover, and dimple pattern of any Titleist golf ball – while costing barely £28 per dozen. “All I can tell you is we have been warned! If there’s a longer ball out there, it’s over the line,” reveals Morgan, while keeping the number specifications confidential.

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