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The Real Loft of Golf

The Real Loft of Golf

Each of your golf clubs has its unique technical specifications. One of the things you need to look at when choosing a club is the so-called loft angle.

Loft angle, in simple words, is how much your golf club head’s face is tilted back. Each golf club head has its own face loft angle. The same applies to your putter. The loft angle is the major reason why each of your golf clubs hits the ball a different distance. Each shot is the result of the relationship between your swing speed and your club head’s loft angle.

In case you were wondering, you can’t actually measure your club’s loft with a protractor or ruler. It takes a special gauge to measure the loft. You have to rely on the specifications of the club that are provided by the manufacturer. The specifications, however, are not exact, due to the permitted plus or minus tolerances.

Some golfers are a little misguided about how loft affects their shots. They think that a driver will hit a longer distance if it has a lower loft. Little do they know that the club head’s speed and the ball’s attack angle are also factors in the shot. The driver loft has to be optimized to an individual’s swing and stance, in order to achieve the maximum distance. For example, a slower swing and more downward angle of attack towards the ball must be paired with a higher driver loft to get the full distance.

All these technicalities can really be confusing for beginning golfers. Aspiring professional golfers must have a loft that matches their swing. You will perform the best with personalized clubs produced by reputable club makers. Club designers, makers and factories use special measuring gauges and tools to meet your specific needs.

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