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Shorter Golf Courses for LPGA Tours

Shorter Golf Courses for LPGA Tours

This year’s ShopRite LPGA Classic will be held at the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club. It is the type of tournament that has a lot to offer both golfers and spectators. Many big name women golfers are joining the tournament, including 47 out of the top 50 in the LPGA money list. This will be a very big golf event, although Seaview has the shortest course in this year’s LPGA schedule, measuring 6,155 yards.

A variety of issues concerning the LPGA have been discussed since 2009. Everyone wants to see a more popular, bigger, and better LPGA tournament. The problem is that the tour itself doesn’t allow women golfers to shine in their performances. There is no question that LPGA players are talented. The real issue is that the courses are too long for female golfers.

Here’s what that means. The 2012 LPGA Tour’s average driving distance is 253 yards. Taking that figure, and applying the ‘Tee It Forward’ system, the driving range needs to be set at 6,200 to 6,400 yards. However, 6,550 yards is the average course length for LPGA Tours. This means that the distance is not appropriate for women golfers. It is more applicable for men, and that is why male golfers achieve good scores more often.

There is the rare exception. Annika Sorenstam scored 59 in the 2001 Standard Register Ping. held at the Moon Valley Country Club, which caused quite a stir. She is undeniably the greatest female golfer in her generation, but the fact that only one woman has made such a low score is a criticism of the LPGA system.

The conclusion is that if the ladies start playing on courses with distances suited to their driving ranges, more record-breaking shots could be expected. Average scores would drop, making the LPGA Tour more fun, exciting and competitive.

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