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Is Your Grip Size Right?

Is Your Grip Size Right?

Your grip size has a huge influence on how well you can play.

A grip size that is too small gives the player the tendency to wrap his hands too far around the grip, thus tightening the muscles in the forearm, which makes it difficult to take the club away from the ball in the backswing. It follows that a consistent swing tempo and rhythm is more difficult to achieve. On the other hand, a grip that is too large prevents the golfer from rotating the face of the club back around, since proper release of the wrist-cock is impeded.

The club fitting industry measures a golf player’s hands and fingers to determine the proper grip size and make a recommendation. Guidelines and standards were developed by different golf companies and club fitters to serve this purpose.

Industry standards dictate that a proper grip size is when the golfer wraps his hands around the grip and the finger tips almost touch the base of the palm. However, this standard doesn’t always hold true. A beginner may follow the principle until he is able to determine the perfect grip for himself through experience. The perfect grip size for a specific golfer is what makes him most comfortable.

It’s worth repeating that the right grip size is the one that provides the most comfort for you in your game. A comfortable grip size lets you maintain a secure grip with your hands and arms, without pressure or muscle contractions in the rest of your arms.

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