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Golf Equipment that Fits Beginners

Golf Equipment that Fits Beginners

Looking forward in getting onto the golf course to play? This article is especially written for golf beginners who are preparing to buy their first set of equipment.

First and foremost, get a decent set of clubs. You can buy a full or half set of cheap clubs intended to serve you for several years while you develop some golf skills. Buying a complete set to start is quite expensive so a half set will work just fine.

Whether to choose a steel shaft or a graphite shaft is the golfer’s decision but graphite is more suggested for beginners. Either type may work but for players with slower swings or less power in swings, graphite shafts perform better. The extra flex provided by the material in graphite shafts produces longer-distance shots.

As for irons, cavity-backed irons are the best for beginners. They hit a good distance while being tolerant of off-center hits. When given a chance to trade your long irons for hybrid ones, grab it. Many golfers find hybrid clubs easier to use for long distances than the long irons. Any generic putter will work fine as you master the fundamental skills of putting.

As a beginner, you will more than likely lose dozens of golf balls when playing so it is important to consider the cost. Buy cheaper brands as you start out. Cheaper balls don’t have the same texture, feel and control as the more expensive balls but beginners won’t notice the difference, at all. Balls at lower prices usually travel a good distance when hit which is more suitable for beginners.

Remember that as you develop your skills, you can always upgrade your equipment to more professional standards.

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