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Golf Equipment Fitting for Mid-Range Golfers

Golf Equipment Fitting for Mid-Range Golfers

If you have been playing golf for a while, you may find your basic set of golf clubs is no longer satisfying to play with. You might have the feeling that your clubs need a serious upgrade.

When it comes to your driver, there is one thing that matters above all. The driver must help you get the ball as far as possible on an accurate path. As a mid-range golfer, you should spend some time testing new drivers on the golf range. Choose the driver that allows you to make accurate shots at a consistent distance. Try using the driver with different shafts as well. Graphite and steel shafts will likely give you different results, so choose one that suits your style the best.

With regard to the putter, most golfers change only when they feel the need. You can also apply the same principle. However, if you think that a change will give your game a boost, then by all means treat yourself to a new putter.

In the beginning of your golf career, you probably used distance balls to help your shots travel. Now that you have gained more skill in playing golf, you realize that control is as important as distance in your overall game. There are affordable golf balls on the market that combine distance with control. Using such balls will help you increase your confidence as a golfer.

When you replace your club set, remember that you should get them custom fitted. Club sets that are personalized for your unique golf style will serve you better and last longer. Consult your favorite golf shop for equipment that meets your requirements.

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