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European Tour Golfer Disqualified Due to Caddie’s Mistake

European Tour Golfer Disqualified Due to Caddie’s Mistake

Just like other sports competitions, golf tournaments have many rules and regulations to ensure fairness and orderliness at the event. There are various reasons for which a golfer can be disqualified from a tournament. One reason is running out of golf balls, a problem John Daly experienced in the Australian Open last year. A player can also be disqualified if he comes in late like Jim Furyk did in the 2010 FedEx Cup.

Jose Manuel Lara’s experience involved a different error. The Spanish golfer was disqualified from the European Tour’s BMW International, held in Cologne, Germany. The reason? His caddie mistakenly brought in an extra club.
There is a maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry on a tour. It’s the caddie’s job to make sure the golfer has no more 14 clubs in his bag. Lara’s caddie failed to double-check the number, until noticing on the second hole that there were 15 in the bag.

The issue could have been resolved in a more positive way, had Lara’s caddie communicated the problem. Lara would have had additional shots added to his score as a penalty for the mistake. But instead, Lara’s caddie did something very strange, an action he thought was right at that particular time. He sneaked into the bush to dispose of the extra club. He was caught in the act by two of the other golfers.

John Paramour, the chief referee of the tour, immediately disqualified Lara. He called it a “serious incident and warranted disqualification.” Lara ended up losing the chance for a paycheck and title, thanks to the caddie’s foolish action.

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