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Enjoying Golf Games Rain or Shine

Enjoying Golf Games Rain or Shine

Korea is a country with plenty of mountainous terrains covering its small land area. Cities are also heavily populated. Golf courses are relatively few in number. One has to travel out to the countryside to play a good 18-hole game. However, these concerns do not discourage people’s love for golf which is one of the country’s most popular sport.

Technology is used to overcome geographical limitations. There is an excellent opportunity to play golf through the use of high-quality screen golf systems. Screen golf simulators are already used by many fitness centers countrywide. The systems provide players with realistic golf experiences right in the heart of the city or even in the comfort of their homes.

RD-Tek, a Korean indoor driving range maker, has taken the technology to a higher step. The RD-Tek’s X-Golf PRO uses a high-powered CPU with 3D simulator and sports measurement analyzer. Each stroke movement, count and travel path can be tracked and stored for data analysis and printing. Accurate information on ball speed and distance is transmitted at a high speed rate through the use of wireless sensors, providing real-time game analysis. Studying and working on the given data will help golfers improve their skills and eventually, their scores.

The system, with its 3D graphics, creates more than the visual layout of the golf course. It also replicates the breeze blowing through the trees, wind speed, landscape lighting, and grass effects, which gives golfers the actual feel of playing on a real golf course.

The features offered by RD-Tek’s X-Golf PRO bring exciting golf experiences regardless of the weather conditions. You can choose to play with simulations of famous golf courses from Korea, Europe and US, without the need to travel. What a great way to enjoy playing golf, rain or shine!

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