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Comfort Courtesy of Nike TW ’13

Comfort Courtesy of Nike TW ’13


Golf shoes have advanced during the past few years towards one common goal: to keep your feet more comfortable as you play golf.

The Nike TW ‘13 golf shoes, originally labeled as the Nike Frees, have achieved that goal. They are immensely comfortable. Referring to the Nike Frees, Woods was even quoted on the company’s web page as saying, “I love training in it, running in it, lifting in it. So … why can’t I play golf in it?”

The concept of the Nike TW ’13 golf shoes was born when Tiger Woods asked Nike to come up with a new line that resembled the Nike Frees he used for running and working out, which he really loved.

Going out on a golf course to play during scorching hot summer days can be even more uncomfortable if you are wearing the wrong shoes. A golfer can’t be expected to deliver his best shots under those circumstances.

The Nike TW ‘13s are exceptionally wearable on and off the golf course. Even non-golfers describe the shoes in this way: “It looks like you wouldn’t even have to take them off after 18 and they look a lot better with shorts.”

Another surprising fact about these golf shoes is the amount of traction they offer. When you look at the shoes, they don’t appear much different from Nike’s older product lines. The difference can’t be seen with the eyes, it is felt by the feet. The traction of the new model is better than that of older models and you can actually feel the difference.

There is no doubt that because Tiger Woods wears the Nike TW ‘13s, they will be hugely popular. But what will make them successful in the long run is not Tiger Woods’ endorsement but how good the golf shoes are. People who might have been against the shoes because of Tiger Woods will definitely have a change of heart once they experience the comfort provided by these golf shoes.

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