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Club Fitting Goes 3-D

Club Fitting Goes 3-D

Jon Warren, manager of the M.A.T.T. laboratory, is busy analyzing golf swings. M.A.T.T is an abbreviation for Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade. Warren’s goal is to find the proper club that best fits a golfer, based on the data gathered in the M.A.T.T lab.

As Warren explains, “It is 3-D motion capturing. It’s the same system that a lot of video game manufacturers use to create human avatars, and a lot of 3-D movies that have been filmed in the last couple of years use the same system.”

The M.A.T.T. lab offers a next-generation version of club fitting. Golf swings are tracked using reflective markers, which produces a video-game-like output.

“It’s really an experience as opposed to a club fitting. You can go out and get a club fitting anywhere. If someone comes in here, and says they want to break 90, you gotta break it down a little bit both with their equipment, and see their golf swing,” said Warren.

John Grother, a golf teacher from the Oregon Golf Association, says that the information collected from the M.A.T.T. lab is a very effective tool to see what the player is doing and to find ways to improve the game. “When we have an absolute M.R.I. of the golf swing, when we can see in complete 3-D, what someone is doing in the golf swing,” he said.

“Where the technology is nowadays, it is to where you’re not taking full advantage of it unless you get properly fit for it,” Warren concluded.

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