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Golf Program for Young People

Golf Program for Young People

The Livingston County Junior Golf Tour is set to run this year. The program is designed to teach competitive playing skills to young golfers aged 8 to 18. The experience prepares them for a higher level of competition.
Nathan Oake launched the program in 2006, with this goal in mind. He started it as a summer golf event to build up children’s confidence and allow them to become familiar with how the competitive game works.

“The truth is, my first career was as a golf professional at a country club and when you have certain communities that have country clubs, a lot of the kids grow up playing junior golf. As a result their high school teams are good. They’re more rehearsed and ready to go,” Oake said.

The children are given on-course instruction in tournament playing and etiquette. “Before this was here, I would get kids who maybe played with Dad or Grandpa a little bit on the weekends and not understand the true format of competitive golf,” Oake said. The program is not suitable for complete novices; young golfers must already possess certain golf skills and have their own golf clubs.

Several high school coaches have affirmed the benefits of the program. Parents and kids say that they keep coming back because, in addition to the young players learning the game and building confidence, they also have fun. This sentiment is expressed in the program’s tag line, as mentioned by Oake, “It’s local, it’s affordable and it’s fun.”

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