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Golf Equipment’s Impact on Your Scores

Golf Equipment’s Impact on Your Scores

It is a sad truth that most golf enthusiasts will never reach a skill level equivalent to those who play in professional golf tournaments like the PGA Tour. Nevertheless, whenever they have a chance to play golf, they want to score better than they did last time. This is where golf equipment manufacturers have seen the opportunity to do business and make a profit.

Many products are marketed to give golfers an advantage in their games. Certain products are like ‘quick-fix’ tools to improve golf scores. One example is the Polara golf ball. The claim is that using this brand keeps your ball in the fairway; therefore, you will have a more enjoyable golf game with a lower score. After all, that’s what golfers want, is it not?

But are golfers really improving their golf skills when they use such equipment? How can a golfer say that he is a better player if it’s the equipment, not his skill level, keeping the ball in play?

On the other hand, is there a crime committed if golfers aspire to better scores? The real point of argument here lies in how a golfer perceives himself. Of course, players want to have a fun-filled game. It is their right to enjoy their time on the golf course. The decision to use modern technology is up to each person. After all, golfers have the freedom to spend their hard-earned money any way they like.

The issue here is not really etiquette or golf do’s and don’ts. There is no law stating that golfers cannot use a 500 cc driver. The important thing to consider is one’s personal preference. Are golfers willing to exploit technology to improve their golf scores?

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