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Golf Applications Invades Your Mobile Device

Golf Applications Invades Your Mobile Device

Golf technology has invaded the mobile devices furthermore through the development and release of more application software aiding golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Golfshot, which is created by Shotzoom, is a mobile app that creates a caddy-like buddy in your mobile device. GPS is used to track where your shot falls while storing data on how many fairways you have hit as well as the number of strokes you took to get the ball in the hole. The software computes the average distances for each club used and recommends the club to be used based on its database. The stored data can also be used by golf stores to identify the equipment you need to improve your game.

“Equipment manufacturers make all sorts of claims, but truth is all golfers are different. This type of data, actually allows users to present this real world information to figure out which [club] is best for your skill level,” said Craig Pichard, who is backbone of Shotzoom.

iSwing, on the other hand, is a mobile app created by Keuminotti that compares a golfer’s swing from that of a professional golfer. That is, it presents data on how your golf swing is compared to that of Adam Scott’s or of Tiger Woods’.

The Swingreader by Ubersense is another golf app that can help fine-tune your game. Using this app, your best shot during a lesson under a trainor can be recorded and used as a guide during your private golf practices. One of its features is overlaying the two videos to identify the difference between strokes to identify which goes wrong or which has improved.

“Memory isn’t always a great way to measure your swing performance.” Prichard added. And since memory oftentimes fail us, thanks to these apps that come to our rescue.

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