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Another New Driver from Tom Wishon Golf Technology

Another New Driver from Tom Wishon Golf Technology

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is indeed the leader when it comes to custom club fitting technology. They are well-known for their original and high quality clubs that can be customized for each individual golfer.

The specifications of their new adjustable weight driver head for 2012 have been announced. The new Wishon 739 CCG titanium driver offers a variety of custom fitting options. The twin bottom and rear weight screws allow the player to adjust the launch angle, trajectory and spin options, thereby giving each golfer the optimal fit they need.

The 739 CCG titanium drivers can have a reduced headweight of up to 193 grams for over length assembly, if desired. The headweight can be customized from 193 grams to 229 grams through the use of the five different color-coded weight screws. These weight screws allow the center of gravity movement to change the launch angle, while at the same time changing the ball spin.

Wishon believes that each golfer is entitled to a custom fit when it comes to clubs. He wants all golfers to be aware that the standard golf clubs displayed enticingly on racks aren’t the best choice. “Don’t be fooled by the golf companies’ marketing campaigns,” he said. Custom fitting is not just for the low-handicappers, either. Wishon believes that higher-handicap golfers can gain even more benefit from custom fit clubs.

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