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TrackMan Pro is Changing the Golf Swing

TrackMan Pro is Changing the Golf Swing

TrackMan Pro is the newest innovation in the world of golf. It is practically a Doppler radar system designed to analyze, evaluate and change the way golfers swing their clubs. Both professionals and rookies can benefit from this technology. Sean Foley and Tiger Woods, two big names in the golf world, are using it. Young kids learning golf are taking advantage of this equipment. Top golf clubs already have it in use.

Savoie, who has been a golf coach and instructor at Arkansas and Florida State, said that the TrackMan Pro changed the way he does his job. He said that he used to be frustrated realizing that different instructors can have differing opinions of the same swing. He noted that there is a lot of subjectivity when teaching golf, which can lead to confusion and disagreement over a player’s technique.

With the aid of the TrackMan Pro, golf instruction has become scientific and precise. Computer-generated data explains why a golfer doesn’t accomplish the shot he intended to make. The club speed, ball speed, attack angle and spin rate are few of the factors computed by the device. Given such data, both the golfer and coach are able to better understand what happened during that particular shot. Then adjustments can be made to achieve the best game possible.

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