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Tee it Forward and Enjoy the Game of Golf

Tee it Forward and Enjoy the Game of Golf

Tee It Forward
“Tee It Forward” is a program launched by the PGA of America, partnered with the United States Golf Association (USGA). It is an initiative that aims to give golfers a more fun-filled experience on the course while improving the overall quality of their performances.

Tee It Forward promotes the idea that golfers should play using a set of tees that are appropriate for their abilities. A golfer’s average driving distance is measured and matched with a fitting tee and course distance. A chart is provided to serve as a guideline, helping golfers understand and follow the principles.

Using the program, players are likely to achieve better scores and experience more fun and enjoyment while playing. More casual and new golfers are expected to become attracted to the sport, and they’ll want to play more often, which is a good thing for the golf industry in general.

Barney Adams, the founder of Adams Golf, provided the concept that became the backbone of the program. Using the program’s principles, even beginning golfers can play 18-holes over a distance relative to a pro’s game. Novices are encouraged to play the course within their capabilities. Professional players, on the other hand, can take on more challenges as they push through every game.

The program is indeed an innovation, where the enjoyment of every golfer, of any skill level, is enhanced. Both associations are looking forward to seeing Tee It Forward adopted by many more golfers and golf facilities in the United States.

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