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Holistic Health and Golf

Holistic Health and Golf

Greg Ortman, a golf instructor who also holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Science, is making a name for himself  by his holistic and innovative approach to golf instruction. Teaching and playing golf for more than thirty years, combined with more than ten years of extensive research, gave Ortman the insights he needed to develop his unique training approach.

For most golfers, the sport demands much more than aiming the golf ball towards the hole. Mental development is as essential as physical development to golfers, if they want to improve their game. Dr. Ortman integrates the golfer’s physical and mental faculties, thereby enabling each one to be the best golfer possible.

Through his research and his Ph.D dissertation, Ortman came up with the concept of “Holistic Sports Performance Training.” He developed a comprehensive user manual that every athlete can use for holistic development. “Whether the student’s level of play ranges from beginner to an expert, this proven learning method provides a blueprint for a common-sense approach to understand the physical, mental and psychological facets of the game,” he said.

The training program aims to help aspiring athletes at the high school and college levels. It can help students who are applying for sports scholarships and who wish to perform better in competitions. Business and leisure golfers can also gain enormous benefits from the program. By putting the principles to work, golfers will feel better and will have more fun playing the game.

Ortman has been acknowledged by Golf Magazine as a Top 100 Teacher Nominee from 2002-2010. He looks forward to the time when his training program is widely applied and implemented, not only in golf, but in other sports as well. As Ortman pointed out, “But I don’t want to limit my knowledge to just golfers. I can see it helping baseball players, soccer players, tennis players.”

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