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Here’s How Augusta National Could Make an Eloquent Statement

Here’s How Augusta National Could Make an Eloquent Statement

The Augusta National Golf Club does not accept female members. This point was recently affirmed by Billy Payne, the club’s current chairman. It may not be an officially documented stand, but it is the way things are. True, women golfers have been allowed to play as guests. However, the issue of excluding women as members continues to create controversy.

The stand of Augusta National is that they can admit whoever they want, since the club is private. This position has stirred a lot of criticism within and outside the world of golf. The club’s detractors believe that it is not right to exclude women as members because the club hosts and profits from many public events.

The clamor reached its peak when Sophie Gustafson came into the limelight. Sophie is a 38-year-old professional golfer who is a three-time Player of the Year in the European Women’s Tour. She has a total of 5 LPGA titles and 26 total pro titles. She also led Europe to a 4-0 victory over the U.S. at the recent Solheim Cup.

During the Golf Writers Association of America award ceremony, Sophie played a recorded message instead of giving a traditional acceptance speech. You see, Sophie stutters badly and avoids public speeches. The message she recorded was more than 6 minutes long. But according to the New York Times, it took Sophie 8 hours to record it, due to her stuttering.

In contrast, after winning the LPGA Chick-Fil-A event in 2000, Sophie simply said “Thank you” into the microphone. It was her mentor, Nancy Lopez, who read the message she wrote prior to the ceremony.

Sophie’s recorded message was indeed inspirational. “Children who stutter should aim to do anything they want, but I would advise against phone sales.” she said, displaying her sense of humor. At the end of her recorded message, the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Considering the example Sophie Gustafson sets, here’s a suggestion for the Augusta National Golf Club and for Billy Payne. Why not make Sophie Gustafson the first female member?

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